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Noel Camcushan ” I am happy to join the Focussed Authorship Stable and I am looking forward to supplying some thought provoking and entertaining articles”. Leona Schumac “I hope to be able to provide some fun and good reading pieces for the Focussed On Magazine and I am excited to be able to do so” Sean McClouchan “Pleased to be working with the Focussed On people and being able to contribute my articles to the online magazine” Nick Wilson ” Mental Health is a big issue and my articles will help people to understand this more in a small way” Focussed On Editor “We are grateful for all the articles supplied and our mission is to deliver these to our readers in a professional manner that both entertain, informs and delivers”
Alexi Gibbs “I am a dedicated writer who is very passionate about writing and I am passionate about bringing words together and delighted to be working with Focussed On Magazine”.