Artichoke Chicken

Prep:     5 mins
Cook:    4-6 hrs
Serves: 6


2½–3 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs
1 cup roasted red peppers, drained and cut into bite-sized pieces
½ cup green olives, pitted
14 oz marinated or canned artichokes
3 T lemon juice
2 T olive oil
2 t dried minced garlic
1 t dried oregano
1 t salt
½ t pepper

A handful of fresh spinach per serving

Put the chicken thighs in the slow cooker. Put all the other ingredients on top. Stir to combine. Cook on LOW for 4–6 hours until the chicken is done.

To serve, put a big handful of spinach in a bowl, add 1–2 chicken thighs, add in some artichokes and olives from the pot, and top with a few scoops of cooking liquid to wilt the spinach.