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Big Dave’s Tree Of Life

The idea of Big Dave’s Tree Of Life is that if your world has been blown apart and turned upside down due to Cirus The Virus, this whirlwind global pandemic that looks like it can change its own direction at any time. That we have to be flexible and adapt to these changes also. We need to be able to grow our own trees not in the ground but in our minds. So we can plant new roots and help to grow the shoots of new beginnings to be able to grow in different ways.  That will be able to reach out to enable us all to reset our life’s expectations and in some cases rebuild the very foundations that we need not only to survive but to thrive.

This is the greatest challenge that most of us will ever face simply acknowledging that we are strong enough to reach our goals and grow just like the mighty Tree of Life. The main things that will help us to succeed are around our Physical & Mental health in the form of Wellbeing and Mindfulness. Our Adaptability to be able to fit in with new surroundings and new ways to approach tasks. Our Flexibility to be able to recognise changes of situations and circumstances and to move in different directions to compensate for these and steer a new pathway if required. To give us a feeling of hope and with the Hope an Opportunity to deliver to our life’s goals and to nurture and feed the Tree Of Life. But to achieve this we have to have Fortitude, Grit, Determination and a Desire to succeed and an Inner Strength to deliver and to be able to take life’s punches no matter whatever is thrown at us. 

2021 is the start of a new decade and I am sure we are all pleased to see the back end of 2020 and the annusoribilus of a catastrophic year that has touched us all. But with the start of a new decade comes the opportunity of new beginnings and with that new hope. Hope Springs Eternal and with the newness we can lay down fresh roots for the Tree Of Life. 

Wishing you all a Positive New Year Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Together in 2021