Could you please help us by answering the following question.

‘If there was an Annual UK Book Award open to any author (including self-published) which offered the following:

ALL ENTRANTS would have their book included in an Online Directory and Sales Platform with listing along the lines of Amazon, to include cover picture, content, reviews and web URL Linkage.

SHORTLISTED ENTRANTS Would also receive free invitation to The National Awards Ceremony, introduction to a top UK Literary Agent and a cheque for £1000.

CATEGORY WINNERS would also receive a cheque for £5000.

THE WINNER OF ‘THE BOOK OF THE YEAR’ would receive a cheque for £100,000.

Would you pay the entry fee of £95 ?

Please answer YES or NO and feel free to add any comments and email to

For less than £100 you will also be getting a platform to help market your book with your own individual page as well as the book award entry itself where the return is considerable plus social media networking to over 100,000 people included.