Childrens Party Expectations

Chicken nuggets, movie screenings at the cinema and luxurious party bags are fast becoming the norm for the children’s party. You can forget the traditional jelly and ice cream and the old traditional party games like ‘Pass The Parcel’

  • Traditional board games and buffet dishes were rated as “not cool”
  • Two-thirds of children between the ages of ten and 16 think of a party bag as “a necessity”
  • 50% more children would attend a party if held at a commercial venue
  • Parents say children ‘definitely’ expect more from parties than they did

Jelly and ice will soon be a thing of the past at children’s parties and traditional games like “pass-the-parcel” and “musical chairs” are considered seriously rude not ‘SIC’ and old hat today. 21st-century kids want chicken nuggets and exotic wraps instead. And they expect a trip to the cinema with their friends or a karaoke party.

For those parents who still host parties at home, the main entertainment is no longer musical chairs. Karaoke is the runaway favourite. A generation ago, the overwhelming majority of children’s parties (65%) were at home and 75% of the sessions featured board games, such as parcels and music chairs. Now childrens parties are mostly held at a venue outside of the home for activities including the cinema and adventure facilities like snow slopes.

Gone are the days when the ‘Pin The Tail On The Donkey’ is enough for the party to go with a swing and keep everyone in a party mood. It also a child’s expectation now that the party hosts supply a good supply of goodies to the guests when they depart in the form of a party goodie-bag. 

Children will likely want to attend a party twice as often when outside of the family home and is being held at a commercial venue of some description.

Due to the growing expectations of the young guests at the party, there is an increased expectation and higher level of requirement to be able to successfully host children’s parties.  More than half of parents say that their children certainly expected more (sweets, entertainment, and choice of party places ) than they had growing up. The same goes for the parents though who as adults will often judge the parties they attend on entertainment and activities offered at the party.

Let’s face it as parents, our childrens expectation and satisfaction level ‘Today, for a successful party now evolve around activities like climbing, trampolining, or snow fun and have replaced the traditional musical chairs and Xbox gaming have replaced ‘pass the parcel.’ So Get With It parents if you want to be ‘SIC’ ( and that means seriously cool and not a spelling mistake) and make sure your child’s party is memorable for all the right reasons.   

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