In the next few decades, today’s young adults will have to pay off our country’s 9.5 trillion Pounds debt. If this money is compensated through higher taxes, then it is essential that British citizens know now how to manage their own money. Finance as major is very useful because it educates students about ways to save more money and to invest in their future. Selecting Finance as a major in college is necessary to earn higher wages and to augment their savings.

Many average people today have difficulties managing their mortgage alongside paying all of their utility bills. Some spend money they do not have by using credit cards which will, in return, lower their credit score as well as put them in debt. To avoid the hassles of bankruptcy, living check by check, and being in debt, the best choice for a major in college is Finance.

Learning how to make decisions about what to buy and how much it will cost will save the average citizen a significant amount of money in the long run. Thinking with the future in mind allows people to determine economic opportunities that will better prepare them. When a family is living on one low income and has to a family of four or five, it is very important that they know how to manage the little money they earn. This could mean that they buy cheaper toilet paper, buy clothes on sale, or even put a certain percentage of their income away into savings. Every person should know where their money is at all times, and to do this picking Finance as a major is  critical.

Going to college is the norm for graduating students in today’s world. Those students have a choice to make that, that can impact their future entirely. Your major will decide for you what profession you would like to go into, but picking a certain major, finance, could be the most useful and important decision ever made during your college experience. Finance is used in almost every career and used on a day to day basis. Some students select a major that has no relevance to their future, while Finance is used everywhere. Choosing Finance as a major will benefit your future entirely, but that decision is up to you.

Author Alexi Gibbs ©