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Advantage Of Infrared Heater Panel

1. Energy-saving
More than 98% of the electrical energy used by infrared heater panel is converted into heat, while other gas oil or electric solutions only can convert 40%-70% of energy into heat. And it can be used together with temperature controller , so the temperature in each room can be freely adjusted according to the needs of the users.

2. Safety, healthy and comfortable
Infrared heater panel works on the basis of long-wave infrared that makes you feel warm like the sun. The heat radiant can change body microcirculation, cell organisation under skin producing resonance, clearing the barrier of microcirculation, adjusting and balancing nervous system promoting metabolism, increasing body physical power. It is very good for your health. And It heat the air and fabric of building, so there is less pollutants to breathe in.

3. Fast heating
You will immediately feel the heating after you turn on the infrared heater panel.

4. Environmental protection
Infrared heater panel is 100% carbon free.

5. Decorative
Infrared heater panel can be printed any picture you want to decorate you home.

6. Long using life
It can be used more than 20 years.

7. Easy to install
Infrared heater panel is easy to be install on wall or ceiling.

8. No maintenance requirement
Unlike water heating systems or fan-assisted heating systems which require inspection or cleaning, infrared heater panel almost doesn’t need maintenance .