Some cities reveal their true colours at night – and one, many might argue is London. While many locals tuck up in bed early to prepare for another busy day, if you’re only here for a few days on business in one of the many London conference venues, you owe it to yourself to get out and explore after dark! Just because meetings and events at the London conference venues take all your time throughout the day, there is no reason not to head out and experience this wonderful city.

Hit A Late Night Chip Shop

The UK sometimes has a questionable reputation when it comes to cuisine, but if you know where to look, you can be delightfully surprised. After a couple of pints at the pub, why not make like a true local and head to a classic British chip shop for a casual dinner. Many chip shops serve up crispy chips with lashings of vinegar and salt in simple paper with a wooden fork. If you get a serve of mushy peas on the side, you’ll be trying a true British icon! Curries are a very popular option, too, especially along the famous Brick Lane, where there are countless choices, and the owners stand outside their restaurants heckling each other and offering discounts to lure in passers-by. Another style of late-night food that is very popular is kebabs – a Turkish meat treat in a pita with plenty of savoury toppings.

Stroll Along The Iconic Embankment

When visions of the UK capital come to mind, they are often of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames. Although these are wonderful sites to visit during the day, the views are even better at night. Take a ride on the London Eye and admire the vista with its glittering blanket of lights. From there, depending on the season, you can take a walk through the vending areas offering unique wares and tasty street food, or stop into a nearby pub with incredible views of the river. Due to the often-chilly weather, most restaurants and bars will have powerful heaters to allow for outdoor seating even in winter.

Enjoy Amazing Shows And Theatre

The wonderful West End theatre scene is well loved by locals and visitors alike. Most shows can be seen out of working hours, especially the famous and most popular dramas and musicals. Nearby Piccadilly Square is full of booths selling last-minute seats for wallet-friendly rates. Major musical acts are always in residence somewhere in the city so you could be lucky to catch the show of a lifetime. But on a smaller scale, many pubs have bands play to liven up the ambience. The Tube system runs until late, so you can go directly from your London conference venues to the theatre, enjoy a fabulous show and be tucked up in bed by midnight.

Author Alexi Gibbs ©