You have a 70 million budget to buy 7 countries of which you think are going to win the most points.

EURO 2021 starts with a group phase where 24 countries are divided over 6 groups of 4 countries. In the group phase the countries can win points in every match. If they win a match they will get 3 points and for a draw they will get 1 point.

After the group phase the best 2 or 3 countries per group will go to the so called knockout phase. For reaching the knockout phase (round 2) every country gets 2 points. See the points table for more details.

Round 1 Matches Points
Win 3
Draw 1


Knockout Points
Reaching second round 2
Reaching quarter final 6
Reaching semi final 8
Reaching final 10
Winning the final 12


Extra prediction Points
Winner EURO 2020 (Budget) 15
Germany Spain
Belgium, France, SpainSpain, GermanyGermany,
Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal,
Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland,
Austria, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine,
Scotland, Czech Republic, Wales, Turkey,
Slovakia, Finland, North Macedonia, Hungary