Top Tips For Maximum Festival Enjoyment

There is no one who is more than a fan of the UK festival, than someone in the UK. We are rooted in the rain to watch our favorite and supporting acts, setting up tents on farmers fields and often pay through the noses for a weekend in the middle of nowhere. We can not deny our passion for music, and even more our dependence on the immersive worlds that brought the live music scene with them, some would say sex, drugs and rock ‘n’roll but it’s not all like that. We don’t worry about the weather conditions and expect it to piss down and turn the fields into a swampy muddy grasslands and if it doesn’t then that’s a bonus but above all we won’t let the weather spoil our festival fun. 

We are now part of the festival, drinking expensive beer in a plastic cup while someone waves a huge flag in front of us, singing along to the many lyrics.  With so many options and the UK festival season from May to September, you do not have to look any further. Social media keeps you updated of forthcoming events and he number of festivals are ever increasing and sure to encompass the genre of your music choice.

The Essential Tent

* The type of tent you need depends on you and your mates. If you’re more into dancing until the early hours of the morning, return to your tent a few hours before going out again as the sunrises then a cheapish tent in your local store will probably be ok. Keep in mind that these tents are not suitable for any weather conditions and likely or not it will rain at some point of time at the festival if you are unlucky, even in the Summer months.

* If you are a little more worried about dry nights, then it pays to invest in a decent tent and a sleeping bag to feel more comfortable but expect them both to get muddy at some point. If your worried about keeping a clean house all the time then maybe festivals and camping are not for you and you should look to book into a bed & breakfast or a hotel nearby.

Packing For The Festival

* You do not wear your entire wardrobe, so don’t bother with dresses of all colors or four pairs of heels and matching handbags. Sufficient socks, knickers or underpants, tick. Costume garb, tick. Face glitter, tick is all you will need and maybe a change of outfit.

* Do however make sure you bring your most important things with you. Babywipes are a blessing. You’ll be lucky if you can take a shower all weekend and even if you do, there’s a good chance you’ll get dirtier than when you came in, also get an antibacterial gel. for your hands … the loos can be uncomfortable! While we deal with Loos … a few tissue packs would be in order. Don’t forget a loo roll for the tent and tear some of the roll off for when you leave just in case.

Stay Safe

* The beauty of festivals is that you may end up with a group of unknown people, you have met there and who have experienced something together. You can find friends for life just as you could be friends for the night (back to the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll). Anyway, you will not make the most of your weekend by constantly texting or looking for your friends, but be careful if you get invited back to a tent afterwards in the same way that you would at any other times when you are out enjoying yourself.

* Often the best parties hide away from the main area, small areas of serenity for a weekend of what sometimes appears to be organised or dis-organised chaos around them.


Staying awake all weekend is exhausting, dangerous and you are likely to become a walking zombie and not able to enjoy the full festival offering. Try to get at least a few hours sleep a night, that way you will feel refreshed ready for the next day.


* Simple if it’s muddy, don them

* It it’s not and you don’t want to look a pleb don’t

* We know that you spent a lot of time on this “festival look”, but we also know that you only have sweaty feet on a very hot weekend so dress for the weather conditions at the time.

Body & Face Glitter 

* Too much glitter is never enough And if your partner “just does not shine”, he or she is lying, they just needs a bit of persuasion and girls we know how to persuade, right!

Get Dirty

* You’ll get dirty, no mistake about that so you may as well have fun at the same time.  Throwing cake ensue, paint fights, mud battles and more are all to be expected and enjoyed.

Try Something New

So, you’ve never heard of half the support acts, give them a try, maybe you like listening to them or maybe you won’t. You probably will not know, but you’ll never know if you do not try and you never know they might become the next big thing and you can say you heard them first at the festival. All bands have to start somewhere and a lot of smaller bands gain exposure from their appearance at festivals.

Author Leona Schumac ©