Hosting Your Own Dinner Party

When times are tough we all looking forward to something to look forward to. You don’t need a  luxurious dining room or setting to be able to deliver a great night’s entertainment. It’s more about the type of food and people you invite to the event to make it special. The company, the food and the drink are the 3 elements we require to make for a Great Night. We want the experience to be a memorable one for the right reasons. Some people even develop a signature dish that they know they can cook and is well received by their guests and can be practised many times over with their families. This could be a starter, a main course, a dessert or even a special cocktail that they like to make and drink.

We are spending more on eating at home rather than eating out and as a result we are spending a little more on luxurys to put on our own dining room table. Truffles, oysters, caviar are no longer off the menu and can add a taste of luxury to any table. There are many food recipe books that are available as well as being easily available on the internet. Serving a spirit like a bourbon or whiskey for the men and a flavoured gin for the ladies is sure to relax your guests and can be a real head turner when a special blend like a 20 year old  single malt is proffered after the meal by the host.

The way to have an unforgettable dining experience at home  is to keep it simple and cook what you like and importantly what you can afford and serve healthy portion sizes. Invite not just your best friends but new people to the group who can add intrigue and allows people to make new friends. There are many more single people who now live alone at home and would welcome being in a more social setting. Remember though that not everyone feels comfortable so do not expect an invite in return to their home. Some guests will ask what to bring so make it easy for them, suggest drink, cutlery, or something that will add to the occasion. The important thing is for all the guests and the host to have fun on the night.

Make sure as the dinner guests arrive that they have a few nibbles beforehand when entertaining and their glasses are full as this helps the guests and the conversation flow. When your guests are seated and food is served ensure the conversation flows by asking a simple question that they all can reply with a comment as it will help to break the ice even those dinner guests who are little more reserved in their nature.

When putting your menu together it is important to match the food and drink to ensure the flavours compliment each other rather than compete. Sweet, dry drink can tantalise your taste buds for what is to come in an aperitif. Soft options like a grape juice can produce a refreshing drink and can be served in a wine glass, so as to blend in with the wine drinkers at the table and can come from red or white grapes to match the wine that is being served.

The latest trend in London in eating out are hamburger joints, many pop up restaurants are serving exotic burgers in a bun or hotdogs and champagne. Social media plays a big part as restaurants are changing and the way we eat out is changing. The crazy wacky experience is taking over from the more traditional napkin style restaurants and it is more about a social experience for the diners. This is the same for hosting your dinner party, make sure the evening is fun for your guests and the food you serve them is remembered for all the right reasons and for being a great night out experience at your place.

Author Leona Schumac ©