As we mentioned previously, the diet involves plenty of meats, fruits, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, and vegetables, and to give you a better idea of what can be consumed, here are some of the more popular Paleo diet foods:

Grass Fed Beef
Fish and Seafood
Grass Fed Lamb
Grass Fed Animals
Nuts (Except Peanuts)
Coconut Oil
Free Range Eggs
Olive, Flaxseed, Walnut Oil
Root Vegetables

Foods To Avoid:

Cereal Grains
Dairy Produce
Refined Sugars
Processed Foods
Table Salts ( Sea Salt is fine)
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils
Potatoes (Sweet Potatoes are fine)
Legumes (including all Bean varieties)
Sugary Drinks
Grain Based Alcoholic Drinks (Beer, Whisky, Grain-Based Whisky) “Diet” Drinks

How much weight can you expect to lose?

Again, this is not a diet but rather a lifestyle change so if you’re after dramatic weight loss week after week then you’re going to be disappointed.

If you’re looking to healthily lose body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve your overall health and fitness in a safe and controlled manner however, then the Paleo diet is for you.

As far as weight loss results go, the results are still impressive as you can expect to lose anything between 2 and 4 pounds per week on average, possibly even more if you combine the diet with regular physical activity. As the months go by however, you will quickly see big improvements in your physique, your mood, your energy level, and your health in general.