Turn your electric fire or radiator into a thermostatically controlled device which ensure you only use electricity to heat the room to the desired ambient temperature and turns the electrical fire on when the temperature is below that required and turns it off again when it rise half a degree above the desired room temperature.  All easily controlled by a wireless device and you can change the temperature just by a + or – button and it will constantly monitor and show you the the room temperature. It will also work the same way with electrical fans to ensure they are only running when they are needed and are not on constantly burning energy. All of this will reduce your energy costs.

If you need extra heat then these handy and compact heaters are perfect for those times when you’re feeling cold at your desk. The model in white comes with a USB charger for convenience, it sits on your desktop, doesn’t take up too much room, and provides much needed heat and warmth. The temperature is controlled by the dial on the top. See both of these models at www.energysmart.solutions and discover other products available to help you save on your heating bills this coming winter.

The black model shown chases away the chills and is our popular our pint-sized personal heater. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in efficiency making it ideal if you’re crafting in the conservatory, warming up your caravan or just keeping cosy in a confined space. Simple push button operation and a clear LED display enables you to control the temperature between 15° and 32°C and the timer to come on between 1 to 12 hours. Why not plug in a Mini Heater in your bedroom and use the controls to ensure it’s toasty as you turn in for the night? It’s cable free, space-saving and easy to store.

 The wireless plug thermostat will operate as a room thermostat that constantly measures the temperature in the room and will switch on or off heating devices as required.  This can easily be programmed to change the room temperature using only two buttons on the remote. This will control any electric radiators or electric fires in the room. It will also control any fans that may be running which ensure that the electric fans are only in use as required. So now instead of leaving the electric fire on constantly burning energy, it can be controlled through the use of this wireless room thermostat. Controls any standard equipment ie. electric fires, electric radiators and electric fans remotely up to 3000 watts.

We also supply an unbranded RF Wireless Thermostat which has the same functions as above. This can be used to control individual areas, designed to be used with portable heating appliances. An Aesthetically designed unit to compliment any room in your home or greenhouse. It will automatically turn On/Off heating appliance as the ambient temperature changes. Unlike ordinary single unit design thermostats, this unit is a new type of thermostat separating the thermostat function into two units. The Remote Controller serves as a user interface and temperature sensing/controller. You can put the Remote Controller in your required room and can read/control the temperature of the living area / comfort zone while the Receiver is situated besides the heating appliance up to 3Kw

See more products from www.energysmart.solutions and help to reduce your heating costs this Winter.

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