Our partners at UK Money Savers offers you 4 ways of saving money when you shop online in a secure and safe environment and you can be assured you are on a genuine website and not some copycat set up to scam money from you. Our advice is to visit www.ukmoneysavers.co.uk, find the online store you want to look at which is easy to do, just click on the menu bar marked Click & Shop and select from the many different categories which contain over 500 online merchants to choose from. Many of these are well known high street and online brands that offer exclusive online discounts & offers. On each merchant page you will find the four buttons below:

Firstly the website link is to the official online store in question and you can check out their latest sales prices and offerings and this will show you an exclusive online offers from the merchants.

Secondly you can then check to see if there are any vouchers available that will save you money on their product offering or services such as ‘Free Delivery’ or 10% Off. Click on the button marked voucher or e-coupon to see available vouchers.


you can sign up free for Quidco and take advantage of any cashback offers available when you shop on line for the specific merchant. Click on the button marked to see what cashback is available for the specific merchant you are looking at.

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With a 25-1 chance or better in some cases this represents extremely good value to shop online and is a fun way to shop. The full workings are explained here and with 900 plus merchants already signed up this is fast becoming the UK’s rapidly expanding new way to shop online and UK Money Savers are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity.

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UK Money Savers is much more than just another website though, there is even a  price comparison service on the website  which will compare a range of insurance policies and more to help you get the best savings on your online purchases and help to save money on utility and household shopping bills. You can get a range of coupons on many items and they are partnered with Amazon and Wowcher to bring you some great bargains and special offer priced discounts. So if you want to save money the next time you shop online check out their website at www.ukmoneysavers.co.uk See offers like the below.

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