Tips on how to improve the quality of your home on a small budget

To make your house more spacious, hang large mirrors on bare walls. This not only covers the cracks on the wall  but gives the illusion of a larger space and opens up the whole room Try to find interesting mirrors visit your DIY shops or shop online to get inspiration.

To create more decorative mirrors, place them around old frames. This not only gives a decorative appearance, but also gives the mirrors a bigger appearance. You can always visit a local antique store and often find what you need. Another tip to quickly improve your home is to buy new curtains for your rooms. Try experimenting with different colors and styles of hanging to quickly add a touch of color to your home without the expense and inconvenience of painting the entire room!

Shop for items that match your new color scheme at your local charity shop. By placing a small rug on top of the carpet or wooden floor will act as a complement to the curtains, your room will look completely new. Be sure to choose colors that will not become to excessive. Pastries and lighter colors are a great option for coordination and are not over bearing.

Another tip for decoration on a limited budget is to hang many pictures of family and friends at home. Try to buy interesting and stylish picture frames that are not to big for the wall. Hanging pictures of family and friends add that personal touch to your home decor. But remember less is more so try not to overdo it and make it look like an art gallery.

Finally, try rearranging the furniture that you own. The additional table in your room? Maybe it looks better than a magazine rack in your bathroom! This old lamp in the attic? Bring it into your living room as a new topic of conversation! Being creative with what you already have is the most economical way to give your home a whole new look. House improvements do not have to be expensive or time consuming, just be creative with the way you do it!

Author Leona Schumac ©