Living life mindful of the impact that our way of living has on others including wildlife, plants and insects as well as the landscape and planet Earth and relevant Green issues.

Goal setting that is both achievable and deliverable. Sure we all want to be Astronauts but we have to be realistic and set goals that our within our reach.

Empathising with others and allowing our heart to influence our head.  Life is full of joy and happiness as well as sadness and tears and we have to learn to express ourselves.

Looking after yourself and each other and living a healthy life and paying attention to nutritional and mental health and the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

Allowing spiritual and religious beliefs space in our lives so that we can live live in a calm and peaceful manner but having respect for other peoples culture and space.

Learning to enjoy the friendship of others and being able to relax in a safe and comfortable environment that is enjoyable and interesting. Making friends and enjoying their company.

Living life in the right way. Choosing the Positive Pathways that are recognised by Society and rejecting the Negative Pathways that goes against Society values.

Set ourselves clear and reachable goals and to stretch ourselves to achieve what we want in life and not to settle for the minimum targets but to reach out further and see what we can achieve.