Following the referendum result in 2016 there was a 52% 48% split over leaving or remaining in the EU which led to a further 4 years of division within the country and split friends, families, colleagues alike dependent on which camp you fell into. Now that we have finally delivered the Withdrawal Agreement there is no going back. Now is the time when all UK citizens need to pull together in the same direction to deliver and make this country a prosperous nation for all. We need to stand together and come together once more, no matter what your political standpoint was, recognise that we can deliver a stronger Britain that is good for everyone. No more country divide we are one nation and by working together we can harness people power to drive the country forward.

Senior police officers, politicians, local city councillors and others have come to the conclusion that the issues that we are facing today in our communities are becoming an epidemic in our towns and cities and we need to work together to find a solution. Now is the time for the community to stand together and be counted and say Enough is Enough. This is now beginning to happen and accelerating with various groups set up around the country to look at the issues that touch us all in some way in our normal lives and can be devastating when families find themselves having to deal with its effects.

With this Enough is Enough attitude and mindset people power is starting to make a difference and having a positive effect and beginning to turn the tide away from negative pathways. So it shows that people power does have an effect and can be the silver bullet that many of these senior figures are looking for. So we all need to stand up and be counted and to send a strong message to the youth of today that Enough is Enough. Most importantly spread the Love and stop hating each other and learn to Respect one another. So that we can build safe positive relationships and make our communities a safer environment for us all to live and work in. Because this is the ethos of the Phoenix Newspaper people power lately has shown to lead the way on all sorts of issues and topics that matter to us all. Read more about our work at and on

So it shows that by standing together we are much stronger and can build a wall that can halt negative influences rather than be the lone brick which will struggle to do so by itself.

Having the fantastic opportunity to produce my own page in this incredible positive global newspaper which is also available online.  What is is important to everyone who reads it and how can we all come together and harness the incredible power that you the Community have and as as individuals together we have the ‘People Power’. 

I believe that ‘People Power’ is so strong and so powerful that if we could all come together we could start to see changes happening around various issues that affect us all in some way. 

I was told today that I never give in until every door that I have knocked on and remains closed to me, I will continue to keep on knocking on doors until I achieve my set goals. It was also pointed out to me that young people should try to follow my lead and not give up so easily with issues that they may encounter. 

I have found that the more you work at a problem, something will happen in a positive manner, so one of my life quotes is ‘Work, Work Hard, Work Harder’ I always say to people can you imagine how hard I have had to work to achieve my 26 world strength records, how many injuries I have had to overcome, how many buckets of perspiration, the how many’s go on and on. The one over riding thing that drives me are three words. 

These three words are so simple ‘Never Say Can’t’, but underpins my philosophy in life.  Can’t is not in my vocabulary and negative thoughts are not there either. There is only one person who can deliver the goods at the end of the day and that person is me. So I am a lot like a radio that has FM and AM frequencies – FM is For Motivation and AM is Against Motivation. So make sure you are tuned in to life’s right channel and remember you are the one in control of the dial. Remember everybody spread the love.