My name is Nicholas Perry and I am the founder of Veterans’ Lifeline, a fully registered U.K. Charity.

It is very simple, Veterans’ Lifeline occasionally sends struggling veterans and their families away on holiday. it is often a lifeline for individuals and can at times maintain the family unit.  However, sending family’s away is costly…  So we set out to raise funds for the Veteran Owned Static Caravan and to equip it as necessary. Thanks to the donations from individuals and organisations we have been able to achieve this.

Now Veterans Lifeline owns its own static caravan, it will enable the charity to send away 20 plus veterans/families on holidays each year, this will be a huge capability that the charity will then have. But we are now looking to raise funds through donations to own our own mini bus that will allow us to help Veterans travel to events around the country and to travel to France with senior veterans who otherwise would find it difficult to travel to Remembrance Services. Please take a look at our work and see how we can help Veterans and if you can donate to our funding that would be much appreciated. Please donate here