In basic terms, the Paleo diet involves us eating the same types of food as our ancient cavemen and women ancestors would have back in the Paleolithic era millions of years ago. Back then there was no farming, there was no processed wheat, cereals, chemicals, preservatives, or flours. The only foods people ate back then had to either be, hunted, foraged, or killed. The reason why this way of eating is so popular is because we have not yet evolved enough to be able to properly digest and cope with processed foods, which is why wheat and gluten allergies are so common.

We have been eating processed foods for around 10,000 years, which is not much by evolutionary standards, especially when you consider that we’ve been eating foods on the Paleo diet for millions upon millions of years. The Paleo diet involves fresh natural meats, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and certain vegetables. Nothing processed, nothing with normal flour, wheat or grain, and nothing artificial.