Many of you reading this article may be thinking to yourselves ‘why travel solo… are you crazy’, while others are reading this in total agreement. Like for all travel needs, individual tastes, interests and goals will be the concern for any person travelling.

Personally, I prefer to travel solo myself, but it all boils down to the type of trip you’re taking and what you plan on doing. Apparently, there are times where group or couple travel is inescapable, and it is of course still going to be a great experience; all travel is. These times could be team getaways, events such as weddings or corporate and clearly for a romantic getaway or honeymoon where I’ll assume that you would prefer not to travel solo.

Maybe you don’t have a partner, or perhaps you didn’t know anyone else you wanted to travel with you, but you know with all your heart you want to go, have to go. Are the people who said no going to stop your travel? If so, why? Is it safety concerns, is it the unknown? Those questions might be on your mind, but think about it this way, doesn’t it make it more exciting? Wouldn’t you feel more accomplished if you did it by yourself?

Let me explain why it’s good to travel solo.

Avoid the Drama of Others

Drama is often inescapable as all people including myself has some sort of drama in their lives.

You may not want to travel solo, but if you’re single, then my recommendation is that you at least don’t travel with a couple, not without at least some other single people there.

Indifference of Ideas

All travellers have their own ideas of what they want out of their travel and so they should. Compromise can be much more comfortable in a couple and certainly travelling solo, but in a group, it can be a nightmare. You may want to go to a museum you’ve always wanted to see whereas the others in your group want to hit the pub.

Whoever has the numbers or the dominance will most likely win which puts you in an awkward situation. Yes, you could leave and go the museum by yourself but then what do you friends think of you and say about you later on. You may also not be contactable by phone, being in another country without a sim card which makes it much harder to meet up and find out when others will be back etc.

Living in Close Quarters

When travelling with others, particularly for long periods of time you need to ensure that your travel buddy is someone you could live with in close quarters for however long it is you are travelling. We all have friends that we know that are good friends, but you could never live with them, maybe they are messy, maybe they are snappy, and the list goes on. If you can’t live with them… what makes you think you can travel with them?

Be Who You Want

A bonus to travelling solo as well is that there are others you meet along the way, and you get to be the person you’ve always wanted to be or at least be able to interact differently with others. I truly believe you meet a lot more people when travelling solo as you have more reason to talk to others and you will meet more like-minded people to you as there are no indifference to ideas of what to do.

Travelling solo isn’t for everyone and isn’t for all kinds of travel, but if you’re after a fulfilling holiday and experiences, then there really is nothing like travelling solo. You will not only meet more like-minded people but also get to be who you want, gain independence and a sense of fulfilment as well avoid an indifference of ideas, living in close quarters and prevent anyone else’s drama while you enjoy what you want to do on your dream holiday. This is why it is good to travel solo.

Author Alexi Gibbs ©